NUS School of Engineering
Engineering Passion
Branding, Digital Design

The NUS School of Engineering has made it their mission to nurture Engineer-Leaders with a global perspective and to lead in technology through high-impact research. In spite of its efforts to attract the brightest minds, they realised that its brand of teaching through research, innovation, inspiration and influence was not enough to attract the best students.


Through a series of focus group discussions with teaching staff, alumni students and their parents and a communications review with stakeholders, key insights emerged – the majority of engineering students are motivated by their passion and their passion largely influenced their choice of an educational institution.

This inner drive inspired the unique brand positioning for the school, sending the message of ‘Engineering Your Passion’ and the institution as the “Place for the curious, imaginative and driven”. The new positioning is reflected in its refreshed identity, messaging and communications system, and UI and UX designs for the new website for the School.


The new branding informed the flow of user information as well as the way to increase brand awareness in the new website of NUS School of Engineering, and included strategic content structure mapping that is aligned with the needs of stakeholders, allowing the school to build up its reputation as the first choice for a world-class engineering education.

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