Money Matters Made Simple
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Fin-lit programme MoneySense, with its origins as Singapore’s national financial education programme, was losing its relevancy and customers to flashier financial blogs. Why? MoneySense had a perception problem: few were aware of what they do, and they could not compete for eyeballs with their younger, glossier and more intrend competitors. MoneySense had to better articulate what it does and differentiate itself as the authority on financial education.


Following extensive focus group sessions, outputs were consolidated and informed the recommendations for the brand strategy. A new positioning and brand architecture was developed for MoneySense as the go-to-source for trustworthy tips — unbiased, plainspoken, and always on the side of consumers. As the tagline puts it, “money matters made simple”. To appeal to the everyman, jargons are replaced with relatable messages. This ethos applies to every element, including a refreshed identity, a coherent visual system and an accessible and engaging brand voice.


The new MoneySense website implements the new brand strategy at all levels, with user-intuitive design and reader-friendly articles. The brand continues to gain new following, with more than 32K follows and over 30K likes on Facebook, its most active platform.

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