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What’s Courage to Me
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Career development is not as clear-cut as it once was. Traditional roles are uprooted. Brand-new skills and technological upheavals keep employees on their toes. Having a degree no longer guarantees employment. How do we motivate and prepare Singaporeans, specifically its most vulnerable community, to meet this challenge head-on? Jobs are a touchy and complicated topic. No one likes being told they are not trying hard enough to be successful. And at a time when navigating the job market can be a soul-crushing ordeal, the campaign had to win hearts and hit the right note from the get-go.


Our team conducted case studies to learn about the community’s views. Our insight: Fear of change often held them back from their ambitions. Our response: We crafted a message based on courage. Community heroes share what being brave means to them and how it has inspired them to skill up and move up. These real-world success stories showcased the power of planning for your career development, no matter your stage in life, and how all it takes is courage and a positive change mindset. The campaign went all out with print, broadcast, out-of-home, social and digital outreach.


The use of relatable stories immediately connected with the local community with our TVCs garnering 603k video views on Youtube and went a long way in helping raise awareness about available schemes to help not only active job seekers but also the gainfully employed in thinking about and making their next career decision.