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Top 10 Video Production Trends in Singapore for 2024
By SiliconPlus
December 26, 2023

The video production industry in Singapore is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and consumer viewing habits change. Here are 10 video production trends that are likely to impact and shape the video production landscape in Singapore in 2024.

1. Increased Use of Mobile Video

With smartphone usage and Internet penetration continuing to rise in Singapore, more and more people are consuming video content on their mobile devices. According to recent statistics, over 80% of internet users in Singapore watch online videos via their smartphones on a monthly basis. To cater to this growing mobile audience, video producers need to focus on optimising video content for mobile with shorter runtimes and vertical video formats. Interactive and augmented reality video experiences are also becoming more common.

2. Live Streaming and Social Video

Platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and TikTok have surged in popularity in recent years for sharing timely updates and livestreaming events. In 2024, more brands and video producers are expected to leverage social livestreaming to drive viewer engagement. Platforms are integrating social sharing, live comments, and reaction features in livestreams, generating easy engagement and distribution.

3. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies continue to advance, with their applications expanding beyond just gaming. In 2024, more video producers will experiment with virtual and augmented reality to enhance viewer immersion and tell stories in new innovative ways. Immersive VR and 360-degree videos that physically place the viewer inside the action are likely to see increased adoption. AR filters and interactive overlays will also feature more prominently in mobile videos.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied to nearly every industry including video production. In 2024, AI will streamline the video creation process by automating mundane tasks like editing, subtitles, and image recognition. AI video analytics can provide insights into viewer behaviour to optimise content. Deepfakes and AI-generated videos may become more sophisticated but their ethical use will need close scrutiny. Despite this, overall, AI will help video makers work faster and smarter.

5. Cloud Technologies

Reliance on cloud-based technologies continues to grow as collaboration drives efficiency. In 2024, more video producers will leverage cloud-based solutions for video editing, storage, distribution and monetisation. Cloud-based video platforms offer scalability, collaboration, greater efficiency, and cost savings over on-premise systems. Live streaming to the cloud from anywhere will be seamless. Virtual production techniques that merge real and computer-generated elements will also depend heavily on cloud rendering power.

6. Video Commerce

With social selling gaining momentum, a new trend where products can be directly purchased during video livestreams will continue gaining popularity in 2024. Video makers will utilise platforms with integrated e-commerce features to drive online sales. Shoppable videos presented by influencers are likely to be an especially effective format. Overall, look forward to livestreaming becoming an important part of the digital shopping journey.

7. Personalisation at Scale

As the amount of video content grows exponentially, personalised recommendations will be key to keeping viewers engaged. Leveraging viewer data, AI, and machine learning, video platforms can offer highly customised playlists and suggested videos in 2024. Automatic subtitles, dubbing and translations will make international content more accessible too. Personal video portals tailored to individual interests may emerge to reduce information overload and to provide a tailored service.

8. Volumetric and Holographic Displays

While still an emerging technology, volumetric and holographic displays that show true 3D imagery without the need for glasses are attracting interest from video producers. In 2024, we may see more experimental applications of holograms and light field displays to reimagine how 3D content is experienced. The ability to view holograms from different angles could open up new types of interactive and immersive storytelling. However, the technology will need to advance further before widespread adoption.

9. Video Everywhere

With screens proliferating across devices, public spaces, and vehicles, video content will be available everywhere and on any surface in 2024. In-car entertainment, digital out-of-home networks on walls/billboards and interactive kiosks will become common video viewing scenarios. Video producers will have to optimise content for diverse contexts beyond just mobile, television, and desktop. Immersive environments with many screens may also emerge for location-based experiences.

10. Sustainability

As environmental issues rise up the agenda, video companies will face increasing pressure to reduce resource usage and carbon footprint of content production and delivery. In 2024, more video producers are expected to adopt greener practices like cloud rendering to minimise hardware, optimise file sizes to lower bandwidth needs, and power locations with renewable energy. Recycled and repurposed production materials can cut waste. Overall, sustainability will become an important new consideration for the video industry.

In conclusion, technologies like AI, cloud, mobile, and VR/AR will continue to revolutionise how video content is created and consumed in Singapore in 2024. Video producers will have to adapt content and business models to keep up with these dynamic trends to engage audiences and thrive. Those who can offer personalised and immersive experiences across all platforms are likely to see the most success.

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