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Designing Across Sectors: A Look at F&B, Fintech, Healthcare and More
By SiliconPlus
January 5, 2024

As new technologies emerge and business models evolve, industries are converging in exciting ways. This disruption creates opportunities for synergy of ideas between sectors. Design plays a key role in shaping compelling experiences across diverse fields. In this blog, we’ll explore how design is being applied innovatively in the industries of food and beverage (F&B), financial technology (fintech), healthcare, and more.

F&B Design Trends

From food delivery apps to cloud kitchens, technology is transforming how people consume meals. Designers are reimagining every touchpoint:

  • Apps feature simple interfaces optimised for ordering on the go. Colourful branding appeals to different preferences.
  • Kitchen layouts maximise efficiency for assembly line cooking. Digital kiosks simplify pickup experiences.
  • Packaging utilises sustainable materials like bamboo to keep food fresh. Branding builds excitement for unique cuisines.

For example, when we designed a brand identity for The Beluga Club, we conceptualised distinctive, epicurean packaging and an aesthetic to perfectly reflect its luxury food offerings. Our efforts have extended to campaigns encouraging better eating habits or to pursue a career in F&B — with eye-catching graphics, the audience is galvanised into action. Ultimately, the secret to success lies in understanding diverse user needs through an empathetic design process.

Fintech Innovation

In banking and finance, design makes complex systems intuitive. Neobanks and payment apps employ minimalist interfaces focused on core tasks.

  • Onboarding tutorials quickly get users transacting through engaging illustrations and animations.
  • Dashboards prioritise key data through clear typography and colour-coding of transactions.
  • Explanatory copy simplifies jargon for diverse audiences across all education levels.

Above all, businesses should prioritise accessibility among their consumers, rather than steer towards intimidating features. With Money Sense, a financial education hub, we brainstormed a simple, intuitive design for easy navigation of their website. When tech giant Samsung rolled out Samsung Knox, a security solution tackling multiple areas, they required accompanying instructions, which we provided our expertise for. Difficult concepts were unpacked into bite-sized directions, effectively lowering the barriers to begin product usage.

Healthcare Design

From telehealth platforms to patient-centric medical devices, design humanises healthcare experiences:

  • Video call interfaces optimise doctor-patient interactions with large icons for easy navigation.
  • Wearables and at-home diagnostics leverage memorable gamification and feedback loops.
  • Medical equipment balances safety and usability with intuitive controls validated via user research.

The core of healthcare is empathy, and with innovative design, we can improve lives. With SamataSoul, we harmonised aspects of holistic medicine in their personalised branding, encouraging their audience to develop a comprehensive approach to their health. Our design strategy for ESTA, which specialises in plant-based products, was to emphasise their relationship with nature and the relief it brings.


As boundaries between sectors fade, design will continue enabling meaningful symbiosis of ideas. Its human-centred approach ensures the right solutions reach diverse audiences. For any organisation tackling big challenges, a strategic design partner provides the insights that transform industries from the inside out. SiliconPlus Communications is one such partner making an impact across fields. With deep expertise in user research, branding, interaction and visual design, we’ve helped clients reimagine experiences in F&B, fintech, healthcare and beyond. Our integrated team works collaboratively to develop innovative, yet intuitive solutions tailored to specific user needs. Let’s discuss how we can apply our strategic design process to help your organization transform the way people engage with your industry.

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