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Unfold the Future of Logistics
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As one of the world’s largest port-plus groups, PSA’s new corporate video should go beyond its port operations to showcase its bold transformation in an age of disruption, while staying true to the brand with its imaginative, emotive and compelling story.


Using the theme of “Unfolding the Future”, paper-folded origami pieces became the visual motif that drove the powerful narrative. A simple origami paper can evolve into an infinite number of forms – an effective metaphor for the imagination that drives PSA’s innovation. The origami was also a link to the people and places across its operations, that are touched by the connectivity of trade, from artisans to farmers to retail consumers.


The video showcased more than just PSA capabilities but also the unique differentiators that put it at the top of its game. The origami narrative brought viewers along on an emotive journey, watching each part that PSA plays in connecting the world, and every step it has taken to challenge the future. From logistics and people to skills and technologies, PSA shows its strength in reimagining solutions, to always be future-ready while moving alongside its partners.

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