PSA International
A Whole New World
Digital Design, Motion Graphics
Transport & Logistics

How do we design a striking interactive annual report with lots of creative room to flex? As a diverse port group and trusted partner to cargo stakeholders, PSA continues to pivot for growth by expanding its footprint overseas and diversifying its business in the face of supply chain challenges, the key message for the report was to demonstrate its courageous, bold and adventurous spirit to thrive in a new landscape.


Taking inspiration from the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, the challenges and triumphs of PSA’s journey in a brave new world are brought to life in vivid detail and moving sets. The narrative draws on similarities between Alice and PSA as they enter a world of unknowns. The characters and events they encounter take them through a journey of evolution and transformation with the chess board as the stage and characters from the well loved classic tale spurring them on towards new adventures.


Visitors to the microsite gave glowing reviews for the microsite’s striking use of 3D characters in interactive environments, easy and intuitive interface and clear articulation of PSA’s transformational outlook and business.

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