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Our #HeyChingay50Bus out-of-home marketing campaign transformed a fleet of public buses as reimagined Chingay floats with unique in-bus experiences for commuters. With specially commissioned designs for each bus that represent the different races and cultures, the uniquely multi-faceted Singaporean identity, as well as a commemorative bus design reminiscent of the first Chingay float, the Chingay50 Buses made their rounds on the roads of Singapore in place of the usual live people parade, to the surprise and delight of the public. The striking designs continued in the buses and transformed into immersive storytelling with the story and journey of Chingay through the years unfolding through the lenses of the people involved in the annual festivities and procession. The interactive experiences vividly captured the imagination of commuters. A pre-launch digital publicity campaign was initiated with a Snap, Tag and Win ‘Spot the Chingay Bus’ contest online.

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