No Child Left Behind
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M³ is a collaborative initiative among three key institutions (MUIS, Yayasan MENDAKI and MESRA) and government offices. It focuses on the last-mile delivery of community outreach and services to better reach any vulnerable segment within the Malay/Muslim community. The challenge was to produce a short form video to introduce the M³ pilot initiatives and rally the community without being didactic.


Using creative storytelling and emotive narration, our team created an uplifting story about a young boy who overcame difficulties in life, and eventually became a volunteer. The idea was to create a simple yet genuine short video that drove home the importance of family, community, lifelong learning, and the presence of M³.


Without going into too many details about M³ programmes, the video portrayed the importance of reaching out to vulnerable communities. The story was light-hearted, relatable, and spoke directly to the communities on the ground that needed help most.

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