Islamic Religious Council of Singapore
A Tapestry of Legacies
Exhibition, Environmental Design
Community, Sports & Recreation, Non-Profit, Public

As the authority on Islamic issues in Singapore, MUIS has journeyed closely with the Muslim community over the past five decades. Unfolding MUIS’ rich and vibrant history into a limited space meant excellent space planning and understanding the interactions its customers have with the space and delivering the overall experience. The biggest challenge was to capture the unique richness and intricacies of Islamic history in Singapore in ways that would be refreshing while familiar to its community and stakeholders.


Occupying the same space as the lobby, the heritage gallery retained an open and expansive perspective to welcome all visitors before drawing them deeper into the space and the intricacies of its history. Carefully curated imagery and stories create a narrative that recalls the timeline of events in the organisation’s 50-year history and unfolds with an alluring tapestry-like effect that pays tribute to traditional Islamic art. The visual weaving of elements also hints at the close-knit relationships that have made the community vibrant and resilient. From the mosaic of cultural infrastructure to considerate application of typography and textures on the milestone wall, no stone was left unturned.
On a level above, the customer service centre was also rejuvenated into a space that inspires empathy and understanding among MUIS employees and helps build customer-centric cultures.


The heritage gallery now receives all MUIS visitors, local and international and gives them the opportunity to experience its history through curated artefacts and digitally restored records in an immersive and interactive space.

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