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The Power of Storytelling in Singaporean Video Advertising
By SiliconPlus
December 26, 2023

Storytelling has long been a powerful communication tool throughout human history. By weaving relatable narratives, stories help convey ideas in a memorable, engaging way that builds empathy and understanding. This makes storytelling a highly effective marketing technique as well. In today’s attention economy, brands must find new ways to cut through the noise and form authentic connections with audiences. That’s where the art of storytelling in video advertising comes in.

Effective video ads don’t just show products – they use storytelling to emotionally resonate with viewers on a deeper level. Stories allow audiences to personally identify with characters and their journeys. When done right, this forges a human bond between brand and consumer that traditional product pitches can’t match. Research shows stories are far more likely to be remembered, shared and influence purchase decisions down the line.

In Singapore especially, storytelling is ingrained in the diverse cultures that make up society. From Chinese folktales to Indian epics, stories have long been used to pass down traditions, wisdom and cultural identity. Leveraging this storytelling heritage in video advertising can unlock powerful brand engagement among local audiences.

Some tips for crafting impactful brand stories in Singaporean video ads:

Feature engaging characters

Stories connect with viewers by reflecting the triumphs, struggles, and emotions people experience daily. Develop characters that audiences can personally identify with, aspire to be, or remember.

In a videography project for Workforce Singapore, SiliconPlus Communications crafted various personas facing everyday struggles that an average Singaporean could relate to: Caring for aging parents, affording tuition fees, aging out of the workforce, and the frustration of job-seeking. Once the viewers are drawn in, the solution of contacting Careers Connect is presented.

Show, don’t tell

Let visuals and character actions advance the narrative versus relying on voiceovers. Engage all senses to immerse viewers in the story’s world. In SiliconPlus Communications’s video projects for PSA Singapore, we captivate the audience with awe-inspiring shots of PSA Singapore’s operations and daily lives of their staff.

Build conflict and resolution

Compelling stories have an obstacle for the hero to overcome. Show how your brand’s product or service helps resolve this central conflict or fulfil a need. For a collaboration between MUIS, Yayasan MENDAKI, and MESRA, we explored the character arc of a volunteer for their organisations. Having faced a difficult childhood, he grew up to aspire to better the lives of children in similar situations. The short video concludes with scenes of the children’s accomplishments and gratitude towards him.

Use cultural references

Tap into Singapore’s diverse cultural heritage by incorporating familiar symbols, traditions, settings or dialogue that local audiences will appreciate. We tailor our locations, cast, props, and fine details to complement the campaign’s messaging and target audience.

Keep it concise

With short attention spans, stories need resolution within the ad time limit, typically within 2 minutes. Tight editing paces the narrative.

Test, refine, retest

User feedback improves story resonance. Refine characters, plot points or cultural references based on how well messages land with target demographics.

Some top Singaporean brands that excel in storytelling include food delivery app Deliveroo. Their ads bring to life relatable characters juggling busy modern lifestyles, finding relief and connection through shared meals. Another example is DBS Bank, whose video ads portray uplifting stories of Singaporeans achieving their dreams and overcoming hardships with the bank’s support.

While storytelling requires more planning and production effort than product-focused ads, the returns in the form of engagement make it worthwhile. Viewers who connect with a brand on a human level through its stories become loyal advocates. They’ll remember your company in the moments that matter most. For Singaporean businesses, leveraging the power of culturally-relevant storytelling in video advertising opens a world of opportunity to build authentic, lasting connections with diverse local audiences.

Videography specialist editing new movie clip for montage, working on freelance contract for post production agency.

Crafting impactful brand stories for video advertising takes strategic planning and professional production. This is where SiliconPlus Communications can help Singaporean businesses cut through the clutter. As a full-service video production agency, SiliconPlus has the experience, cultural understanding and technical expertise to bring any brand’s narrative to life. Our team works closely with clients to develop compelling stories that resonate with target demographics. SiliconPlus then handles full-scale production, post-production and distribution so the final videos maximise engagement. By partnering with SiliconPlus, brands gain access to strategic storytelling guidance and cinematic quality guaranteed to deepen customer connections. To learn how SiliconPlus can help your business use the power of video storytelling, contact our team today.

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